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Michigan Journal of Gender & Law

The Michigan Journal of Gender & Law (MJGL) published its first issue in the winter of 1994. After the publication of its second issue, MJGL won approval to increase its publication to two issues per year. The Journal was founded by a group of first-year students in 1991, who recognized the need for an alternative voice at the Law School and in the legal community. The Journal's goal is to provide practitioners, academics, activists, and students with a forum for expressing their views concerning gender issues in the law. The MJGL is dedicated to providing a forum where different segments of the feminist community can explore how gender issues and related issues of race, class, sexual orientation, and culture impact the lives of women and men.

The Journal is produced by students working together in a cooperative, non-traditional organizational structure. Three committees make up the core structure of the Journal, and students make decisions within committees on a majority basis. Each committee is overseen by an elected coordinator, who manages the committee's responsibilities and serves as liaison to other committee coordinators. Members include students from all classes. We encourage our staff editors to participate in the functions of the Journal that most interest them. These tasks include article editing, solicitation of new articles, technical production of the final draft, and student writing development.

The Journal is committed to publishing student work and does not differentiate between student notes and other articles in the publication.