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Electronic Publication of Student Scholarly Writing

All students are encouraged to engage in original, scholarly research while at Michigan Law. Students who produce publishable written work should consider uploading their polished drafts to the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). SSRN is a working paper clearinghouse that ensures the timely dissemination of scholarship. Thousands of authors upload thousands of pieces every year, and SSRN is a common destination for those seeking the latest research on any topic. There is no cost to post working-paper versions of notes or articles to SSRN. Papers can be updated or removed later, although authors should exercise care to make sure their piece is in very good shape before distributing any written work through the Internet. Importantly, the author retains the copyright and is free to publish (or not publish) the work where, when, and how he or she sees fit.

guidelines and instructions for student submissions to ssrn
The Social Science Research Network is an online collaboration of scholarship devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research. Scholars use SSRN to announce working papers and forthcoming papers, as well as to make electronic versions of their work available to the general public. When a piece is submitted, SSRN creates a webpage devoted to that article. Michigan Law encourages its students to submit their publications to SSRN for early distribution, particularly prior to a print version being made available. This will help make sure that other scholars are able to see the work Michigan students have done, and to establish the existence of that paper in the legal field. It will also assist in disseminating student scholarship to interested parties.

In addition to maintaining a webpage devoted to the individual paper, SSRN also distributes announcements to new submissions via Research Paper Series, also called Legal Scholarship Journals, to parties who have subscribed to those Series or Journals. UMLS as two Research Paper Series that are now available to receive contributions from Michigan students: the Law & Economics Series and the Public Law & Legal Theory Series. These series currently consist of faculty scholarship from UMLS. However, as often as twice a year a student-only edition of the series will be distributed to the subscribers listing new student publications. These announcements include abstracts of the forthcoming piece and contact information for the author, as well as a link to the article's individual webpage. Inclusion in the Research Paper Series does not delay the posting of the individual article's webpage; however, it disseminates the article much more widely by providing it to all scholars following UMLS legal research.

Guidelines for Submission to SSRN
Any Michigan Law student or alum, whether pursuing a JD, LLM, or SJD, is encouraged to submit his or per paper(s) to SSRN for viewing by the general public. To qualify for inclusion in one of the University of Michigan Research Paper Series, a student's paper must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Accepted for publication in one of Michigan's many journals, such as the Michigan Law Review; or
  • Approved for inclusion by Professor J.J. Prescott, who will usually contact the faculty member advising or providing guidance on the paper.

Instructions for Submission to SSRN
Prior to beginning the submission process, students should have the following information and documents:

  • Abstract;
  • The paper in PDF format with a title page that includes at least the submitter's full name, the title of the paper, the approximate date, and an e-mail address;
  • Names, contact information, and affiliations for all authors not in the SSRN database;
  • Name of contact author;
  • Journal citation (for accepted and forthcoming papers); and
  • The owner of the copyright for the abstract and paper, if not the author(s).

If you need assistance at any point during the submission process, you can contact SSRN by e-mail or by calling 877-SSRNHelp (877-777-6435).

To begin the submission process, please go to the SSRN Login page and follow the online instructions.