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Michigan Business & Entrepreneurial Law Review

The Michigan Business & Entrepre​neurial Law Review (MBELR), formerly the Michigan Journal of Private Equity and Venture Capital Law, is a student run legal journal at the University of Michigan Law School. The Journal is a practitioner-focused, student-edited law journal, and will publish articles, student notes, comments, and essays on varying topics in business law, with a focus on legal issues related to private equity and venture capital.

In order to enrich its members' educational experience, the Journal seeks to comprehensively prepare its members to perform the editorial and administrative tasks required to publish a professional legal journal, while simultaneously assisting each of its members in preparing an original work of scholarship adequate for publication. The Journal, in conjunction with the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, will also host symposia to further explore and engage in conversation pertaining to business law, private equity law, and venture capital law.

To learn more about MBELR, please visit our website.


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