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Michigan Election Law Project

The Michigan Election Law Project (MELP) creates nonpartisan opportunities for Michigan law students to explore the field of election, campaign and voting rights law in order to help the democratic process achieve its full potential.

Founded in 2004, the organization brings together law students, professors, alumni, practitioners, and others in legal research, debate and community action designed to protect and expand civic and political participation, especially by members of historically disfranchised communities. The main activities of the Michigan Election Law Project include:

  • Election monitoring in which law students serve as neutral observers at high-risk polling places;
  • Facilitating election, campaign and voting rights law research, including maintaining the Voting Rights Initiative, a student-faculty research collaborative assessing the impact of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act since the 1982 congressional amendment;
  • Sponsoring events to introduce topics of election, campaign and voting rights law into the discussion at the Law school; and
  • Connecting students with local and national election lawyers, law firms, and organizations for mentoring and networking.

For more information regarding MELP, please contact us via e-mail.