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Law Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Law Students for Sensible Drug Policy (LSSDP) is a grassroots organization working to reform drug policy through education and activism. LSSDP pursues sensible, evidenced-based policies to achieve a safer and more just future, while fighting back against the harm to our communities caused by a counterproductive "War on Drugs." LSSDP at the University of Michigan is a chapter in a national network

LSSDP is committed to increasing dialogue surrounding drug policy on campus and in the community at large. This includes guest speakers, panel discussions, community advocacy, and outreach.

LSSDP is committed to providing students with meaningful opportunities to get involved in drug policy in a legal context. These include career-building internships and jobs, hands-on training in activism, organizing and leadership, and cutting-edge research and writing projects. Students interested in drug policy-related careers, including nonprofits, civil rights, criminal defense, and commercial practice in the private cannabis sector are urged to join.

To learn more about Law Students for Sensible Drug Policy, please contact us via e-mail.