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Guidelines for Conducting Charitable Drives

Many student organizations are interested in planning various charitable drives during the year, including food drives, clothing drives, and book drives. We commend the interest in community service and genuinely support these efforts. The following guidelines are in place in order to ensure that all student organizations have equal access to Law School facilities, and to minimize clutter and overflow in collection areas. As there is limited space for collection receptacles, this is a first-come, first-served policy.

receptacle locations

Locations and numbers of collection receptacles are restricted to the following areas:

  • Outside room 100 Hutchins Hall (2 bins)
  • Outside room 200 Hutchins Hall (1 bin)
  • Area near pendaflexes - Hutchins Hall basement (2 bins)
  • Area outside snack bar - Legal Research basement (4 bins)

requesting permission

A student organization planning a charitable drive must complete an online Facilities Work Request. The work request should be completed at least two weeks prior to your proposed collection date, and must include the following information:

  • Period of collection, including start and removal dates. Drives anticipated to extend beyond a two week period require special permission.
  • Type of drive planned (e.g. canned food, coats, books, etc.).
  • External organization co-sponsor (if any), such as Bread For The City, Food Gatherers, etc.
  • Type of receptacles to be used for collection.
  • Removal Plan. Who in your organization is responsible for removing collected items from the collection bins when they are full?
  • Where will items be stored pending delivery to the external organization?
  • Contact person, uniqname (for email account), and telephone number.

conducting the drive

Student organizations must wait for confirmation of their request to hold the charitable drive, and must receive written permission to proceed. Any charitable drive begun without permission will be dismantled.

No more than one charitable drive will be permitted to occur at one time.