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History and Traditions
4th Generation Michigan Lawyer

Fourth Generation
Dustin P. Ordway is a fourth generation graduate of the University of Michigan Law School (1981).

Third Generation
Mr. Ordway's maternal uncle (parents Hatch and van den Berg) represents the third generation of family lawyers graduating from the University of Michigan Law School: Hazen van den Berg ("Van") Hatch (UM Law 1956). Uncle Van practices in the Kalamazoo area. Van's cousin Gerald B. Hatch (UM Law 1943) was the other member of the third generation of alums.

Second Generation
Mr. Ordway's grandfather (and Uncle Van's father) Hazen J. Hatch (UM Law 1928) was a member of the second generation. Also in the second generation were Grandfather Hatch's older brothers, Blaine W. Hatch (UM Law 1911), 37th Circuit Court judge from 1927 to 1959; and Jay W. Hatch (UM Law 1910).

First Generation
Mr. Ordway's great-grandfather, Jesse Monroe Hatch (UM Law 1880) began the tradition. His diploma and that of his son Hazen are displayed on the wall of Mr. Ordway's office, courtesy of Uncle Van.

Source: Ordway Law Firm, PLLC
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