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Steven D. Pepe

Steven D. Pepe taught at the University of Michigan Law School, 1975-1984.



Steven D. Pepe formally joins the UM law faculty this summer (1975) as an associate professor, with over-all administrative responsibility for the School's clinical law program.

During the fall or winter term and during the summer, Pepe will direct the clinical program, supervise case handling, and teach the seminar.  In the remaining term, he will teach subjects at the Law School that relate closely to clinical practice, such as welfare law and evidence.  Other faculty members will take turns heading the clinic during the terms Pepe spends in the classroom. 

Pepe has been co-director of the clinic along with Edward B. Goldman since January 1974, but as adjunct assistant professors, they did not teach courses in the standard curriculum.  Goldman is to enter private practice this summer.

Pepe has a background in community legal service work. Under a Reginald Heber Smith Fellowship, he worked as staff attorney for the Neighborhood Legal Services Program in Washington, D.C. He was later a clinical teaching fellow at Harvard Law School, teaching seminars and supervising students in the handling of cases connected with legal aid agencies.

Pepe's work has focused on problems of low-income housing. He did research in that field at the London School of Economics and Political science.

Pepe attended the University of Notre Dame as an undergraduate. He was an assistant editor of the Michigan Law Review at U-M Law School, graduating in 1968. He then clerked for one year for judge Harold Leventhal of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

-- From the University of Michigan Law School's Law Quadrangle Notes, V. 19, Iss. 04 (Summer 1975).

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Law Quadrangle Notes Articles

*    "Professor becomes federal magistrate," 28 L. Quadrangle Notes 11 (Spring, 1984).

*    "Steven Pepe to Head Clinical Law Program," 8 L. Quadrangle Notes 1-2 (August, 1964).


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