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Michael G. Rosenzweig

Michael G. Rosenzweig taught at the University of Michigan Law School, 1979-1987.  

Michael Rosenzweig is a 1976 Columbia Law School graduate and has already become known among students for his  well-organized, clear teaching style in his courses in tax, securities and regulation, and corporation law.

Besides the refreshing element of his being close to or the same age as some of the students he teaches, Rosenzweig's previous legal experience provides a "real world" balance in the classroom. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of U-M, Rosenzweig was a James Kent Scholar and a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar while at Columbia University School of Law.  After a legal clerkship with Judge Paul R. Hays on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, Rosenzweig became an associate with the law firm of Rogers & Hardin in Atlanta, Ga.

Asked to compare private practice with legal academe, Rosenzweig responded: "In many ways, the pressure of academic life is greater than in private practice. In private practice, goals are well-defined, concrete, and short term. In teaching, one's work is never finished. I am also impressed by the concentration of bright and inquisitive students at Michigan which makes teaching here quite stimulating as well as challenging."

Prof. Rosenzweig's current research interests involve questions of shareholder democracy and corporate governance, with particular emphasis on the impact of the federal securities laws in these areas. He is also interested in emerging principles of professional responsibility relating to practice in the securities area.

A cyclist who bikes to class daily, Prof. Rosenzweig also enjoys reading and such sports as racquetball, squash, and softball.

-- From the University of Michigan Law School's Law Quadrangle Notes Law Quadrangle Notes, V. 25, Iss. 02 (Winter 1981).

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Law Quadrangle Notes Articles

*    "Rosenzweig returns to private practice," 32 L. Quadrangle Notes 11 (Fall, 1987).

*    "Rosenzweig Is New Tax, Secrurities Prof.," 25 L. Quadrangle Notes 6 (Winter, 1981).


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