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History and Traditions

Lewis M. Simes

Lewis M. Simes taught at the University of Michigan Law School, 1932-1974.

Date of Birth: 1889
Date of Death: 1974


Professor Simes received his A.B. in 1909 from Southwestern College, a Ph.B. (in 1912) and J.D. (in 1914) from the University of Chicago and a J.S.D. from Yale in 1927. In addition to his educational endeavors, Professor Simes practiced law in Montana from 1917-1919, and served on the law faculty at Montana State (1919-1922) and Ohio State (1922-1932) before joining the law faculty at the University of Michigan.

Professor Simes taught in the areas of property and estates. In addition to teaching and scholarly work, Professor Simes was the the Director of Legal Research at the law school. Professor Simes was a prolific author. In addition to case books on future interests and probate matters, Professor Simes was author of the leading treatise on the law of future interests. Professor Simes retired as Professor Emeritus in 1959.

--Jocelyn Kennedy, Faculty Services Librarian, University of Michigan Law Library.

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