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Joseph H. Drake

Joseph H. Drake taught at the University of Michigan Law School, 1906-1930.

Date of Birth: 1860
Date of Death: 1947


JOSEPH HORACE DRAKE was born at Lebanon, Ohio, May 18, 1860, son of Dr. Isaac Lincoln and Sarah (Evans) Drake. He was prepared for college in the Lebanon High School, entered the University of Michigan, and was graduated Bachelor of Arts in 1885. He was Principal of the Battle Creek High School from 1885 until 1888, and was then called to the University as Instructor in Latin. In 1890 he went abroad for study and remained two years, chiefly at Jena and Munich. On his return in 1892 he was advanced to the rank of Assistant Professor of Latin, and in 1901 he was made Junior Professor. In 1900 he received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on examination from the University.

Since that year he has also been connected with the Department of Law as Lecturer on Roman Law. Meantime, he pursued law studies, and in 1902 received the degree of Bachelor of Laws from the University.  In 1906 he was made Professor of Latin, Roman Law, and Jurisprudence. In 1893 he published an edition of the Fables of Phaedrus, with Introduction and Notes.

In 1895 he revised Jones's First Lessons volume of University of Michigan Studies (1904) a paper on "The Principales of the Early Empire." He has also published several papers on the Roman law in "The Michigan Law Review," and "Studies in the Scriptores Historiae Augusta: " in the twentieth volume of "The American Journal of Philology."

He was married June 20, 1894, to Maud Elizabeth Merritt (B.L. 1893), of Battle Creek, and they have four children : Joseph Horace, Jr., Charles Merritt, Robert Lincoln, and Elizabeth Maud.

-- From "History of the University of Michigan" by Burke Aaron Hinsdale.  Published by the University of Michigan in 1906.

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Class Notes

Oral History

Board of Regents Memoir

*    "Joseph H. Drake: Memoir" Proceedings of the Board of Regents (1954-1957). 267-268.

Memorials & Tributes:

*    Stason, E. Blythe. "Joseph Horace Drake", 46 Mich. L. Rev. 447 (1947-1948)


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