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History and Traditions

Henry M. Bates

Henry Moore Bates taught at the University of Michigan Law School, 1903-1939.

Date of Birth: 1869
Date of Death: 1949

 Henry M Bates

Henry Moore Bates (1869 - 1949) had a distinguished thirty-six year career at the University of Michigan as professor and dean of the Law School. Bates was dean for twenty-nine of those years from 1910 until his retirement in 1939. Bates specialized in constitutional law, was widely published, and his influence on legal education was known to be "nation-wide." Bates took an active role in committee and nation-wide activities. Locally, he was involved in the Ann Arbor National Defense Committee and in the building of the Michigan Union on the University of Michigan campus. Nationally, he was called to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Supreme Court reorganization proposals in 1937. Bates was awarded an honorary degree from the University in 1941.

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