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Floyd R. Mechem

Floyd R. Mechem taught at the University of Michigan Law School, 1892-1903.

Date of Birth: 1858
Date of Death: 1928


FLOYD RUSSELL MECHEM was born at Nunda, New York, May 9, 1858, son of Isaac J. and Celestia (Russell) Mechem. His ancestors were of English origin. Having had a preliminary education in the common schools, he took up the study of the law and was admitted to the Bar at Battle Creek, Michigan, in 1879. He removed to Detroit in 1887 and there engaged in practice and legal authorship.

In 1892 he was appointed Tappan Professor of Law at the University of Michigan, where he remained till 1903, when he resigned to accept a professorship of law in Chicago University. He is the author of the following works: "A Treatise on the Law of Agency" (1889); "A Treatise on the Law of Public Offices and Officers " (1890); "Cases on the Law of Agency" (1893, second edition, 1898); "Cases on the Law of Succession to Property after the Death of the Owner" (1895); "Elements of the Law of Partnership" (1896, second edition, 1903);  "Outlines of the Law of Agency" (1901) ; "A Treatise on the Law of Sale of Personal Property" (1901).  In addition he has written extensively for the law journals.

In 1894 the University of Michigan conferred upon him the honorary degree of Master of Arts. He was married in 1884 to Jessie Collier, of Battle Creek, Michigan, and they have two children, John Collier and Philip Russell.

-- From "History of the University of Michigan" by Burke Aaron Hinsdale.  Published by the University of Michigan in 1906.

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*   Bigelow, Harry A. "Floyd Russell Mechem" 15 A.B.A. J. 169  (1929)


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