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History and Traditions

Edwin C. Goddard

Edwin C. Goddard taught at the University of Michigan Law School, 1900-1935.

Date of Birth: 1865
Date of Death: 1942

Edwin C. Goddard was a professor of mathematics and later of law at the University of Michigan, 1895-1935.

Goddard was born August 20, 1965 in Winnebago, Illinois, the son of James W. and Mary Blodgett Goddard. He attended Winnebago schools and prepared for the university at Ann Arbor High School. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor of philosophy degree in 1889 and took a job teaching mathematics at Saginaw High School and served as principal from 1891-1895. From 1895-1900 was an instructor in mathematics at the University of Michigan. While teaching mathematics, Goddard enrolled in the Law Department and received a bachelor of law degree in 1899 and began teaching in the law department in 1900.

Goddard was promoted to full professor in 1903. Among his specialties were agency, bailment, public utilities, and real property law. He was secretary of the law faculty from 1901-1917 and in 1917-1918 served as chairman of the administrative committee of the Law School, directing its activities in the absence on leave of Dean Henry Bates. Goddard was a member of the first board of Governors of the Lawyers Club and served on the board until his retirement in 1935.

He was also active in community life, serving at various times as member of the board of education, park board, community fund and city selective service board and was prominent in the affairs of the First Congregational Church.

Goddard was married to Lillian Rosewarne of Decatur, Michigan in July of 1892. Goddard died August 18, 1942.


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