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History and Traditions

Course Title: Criminal law
 Taught by: Waite, John B.
 Taught by: Watson, Andrew S.
 Taught by: George, B. J., Jr.
 Taught by: McCormack, Bridget M.
 Taught by: Moran, David A.
 Taught by: Chambers, David L.
 Taught by: Moran, David
 Taught by: Regan, Donald H.
 Taught by: DeVine, Edmond F.
 Taught by: Brensike Primus, Eve
 Taught by: Allen, Francis A.
 Taught by: White, James Boyd
 Taught by: Prescott, James J.
 Taught by: Prescott, James J.
 Taught by: Campbell, James V.
 Taught by: Israel, Jerold H.
 Taught by: Knowlton, Jerome C.
 Taught by: Rood, John R.
 Taught by: Vining, Joseph
 Taught by: Thomas, Kimberly A.
 Taught by: Katz, Leo
 Taught by: West, Mark D.
 Taught by: Westen, Peter K.
 Taught by: Proffitt, Roy F.
 Taught by: Kadish, Sanford H.
 Taught by: Shapiro, Scott J.
 Taught by: Starr, Sonja
 Taught by: Blumenthal, Susanna L.
 Taught by: Green, Thomas A.
 Taught by: Kamisar, Yale
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