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History and Traditions

Courses Taught in 1950-1951
 Bishop, William W., Jr.
 Blume, William W.
 Coffey, Hobart R.
 Dawson, John P.
 Durfee, Edgar N.
 Estep, Samuel D.
 Grismore, Grover C.
 James, Laylin K.
 Joiner, Charles W.
 Kauper, Paul G.
 Leidy, Paul A.
 Neumann, Albert F.
 Palmer, George E.
 Plant, Marcus L.
 Reed, John W.
 Shartel, Burke W.
 Simes, Lewis M.
 Smith, Allan F.
 Smith, Russell A.
 Stason, E. Blythe.
 Waite, John B.
 Wright, L. Hart
 Yntema, Hessel E.
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