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History and Traditions


The Law Quadrangle’s superb collegiate gothic buildings, the gift of William W. Cook, LLB 1882, are inspirational and reflect the serious nature of the teaching and scholarship done at the School. The buildings, designed by the New York City firm of Edward York and Philip Sawyer, contribute tremendously to the strong sense of community at Michigan Law.

The Law Quad consists of four buildings: The Lawyers Club (1925); the John P. Cook Dormitory (1930), the Legal Research Library (1931), and Hutchins Hall (1933).

Before the School moved to the Law Quad, it occupied the fine Law Building near the corner of North University and South State, an area now grass and trees, for it burned in 1950.  The School occupied this building from 1863 until 1933, and expanded and modified it several times.

This section of the History and Traditions website includes information about William Cook’s first gift to the University, the Martha Cook Building, which opened in 1915.

In 1981, the Library expanded into the Allan and Alene Smith Addition, designed by Gunnar Birkerts and Associates, then of Birmingham, Michigan.

For More Information

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About The LAW quad

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