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Non–U.S. Citizen JD: Applying for Financial Aid

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Applying for Grad PLUS/Private Loans

Computer Loan FAQ
Cost of Attendance
Direct Deposit
Grad PLUS Application
How to Make Payments 
How to Request a Refund
In-school Loan Deferment Information 
How to View Your Award Notice

There is no financial aid deadline for entering 1Ls and all information is strictly confidential.

There are four types of financial aid for which you may qualify: merit-based scholarships, need-based grants, competing scholarships, and loans.

  • Admitted students are automatically considered for merit-based scholarship decisions, and no separate application is required.
  • Need-based grant decisions are made by the Financial Aid Office.
  • In cases where no merit scholarships or need-based grants have been offered, the Financial Aid Office is occasionally able to take financial aid offers from competing schools into account.
  • Loans are processed in the Financial Aid Office for all students applying for financial aid. Non-US citizens are not eligible for federal loans, although private loans may be available.

Need-Based Grants Procedures (for your first year, only)
To determine if you might qualify for need-based grants, admitted students must complete our simple online questionnaire, available in early March, on the Admitted Students website. Click on Financial Aid and Need-Based Application to access the questionnaire. If it appears that you may be eligible for need-based grants after completing the questionnaire (available in March), we will direct you to complete additional financial aid information on the 2020-2021 College Scholarship Service Profile (CSS Profile) to assist us in determining your available resources.

Competing Aid Procedures
If you are not eligible for need- or merit-based aid from the Law School, we can, under certain circumstances, take competing aid offers from peer law schools into account. Please email or fax copies of your financial aid offers from other institutions to see how we can help.

Loan Procedures
Please note that only U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible for federal Direct Unsubsidized or Grad PLUS loans, and private loan programs typically require a U.S. cosigner. Our non-U.S. citizen sample loan comparison chart/FAQ [PDF] provides an overview for a couple of lenders.

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