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Frequently Asked Questions: Computer Loans

Are computer loans available?

How do I apply for a computer loan?

Are there any restrictions on when I can apply?

What type of documentation do you need?

Does the receipt/documentation need to be in my name?

Should I purchase insurance, and can I borrow enough to cover those costs?

What if my computer breaks before I finish law school?

What if my computer is stolen?

I already have a computer but I don’t know if it will last?

Can I request to borrow costs associated with the computer?

What type of computer should I buy?

Can I get a computer loan for a desktop and a laptop computer?

What is the maximum amount I can borrow for a computer loan?

Can I spend more than $2,000?

How long is the application process?

When is the earliest that I can receive my computer loan money?

What if I want to buy my computer 30 days before classes start, but I need the funds first?

How will I receive the funds?