Determinants of Civil Rights Filings Appendix

Anne Morrison Piehl & Margo Schlanger, Determinants of Civil Rights Filings in Federal District Court by Jail and Prison Inmates, 1 J. Empirical Legal Stud. 79 (2004)

On-line Appendix

1) Supporting tables (in excel workbook format)

*Note: The figures, but not the tables, do not display accurately unless downloaded.

a) Raw and imputed jail and prison population data, and inmate federal filings, 1981-2001 (referred to in note 56).

b) National state prison population and federal habeas filings against non-federal defendants, 1970-2001 (referred to in note 48).

c) Total non-habeas filings by inmates, 6 months pre- and post-PLRA.

2) Stata data file.

3) Stata do-file for tables.

4) Stata log file for tables.

5) Other details:

SPSS syntax file (in .txt format)

SPSS output file (in .pdf format)

a) Note 24: “the largest jails, holding one-third of jail inmates, are actually the same size or bigger than the prisons holding the corresponding portion of prison inmates.”

b) Note 27: “On average, jails that participated in the most recent BJS Jail Census reported annual admissions of over 40 times their average daily populations; the median ratio of admissions to population was 23.”

c) Note 29: According to the BJS censuses, the median ratio of admissions to population was 46 in 1983, 38 in 1988, 33 in 1993, and 23 in 1999.

d) Text accompanying note 36: “The amount of new inmate litigation in the six months following passage of the statute was down 24 percent from the six months preceding, even before the courts had a chance to put the new rules fully into effect.”

e) Note 48: “habeas filing rates per state prisoner (very few jail inmates file habeas actions, so they may safely be omitted from habeas litigation rates) decreased nearly every year from 1970 to 1994.” (See also 1(b), above.)