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The University of Michigan Law School

         The University of Michigan Law School

 Suing the Government Is a Growth Industry: How to make the most from your law degree (and your life) with a career in public-interest law


Date: 02/25/2014
Time: 11:45 AM to 12:45 PM
Contact: Ford,Timothy James

Location: Hutchins Hall 138

Description: Sometimes law students are told they have two options: a miserable life earning decent money at a law firm, or a rewarding job coupled with a vow of poverty. This isn’t true. Bob McNamara, a senior attorney with the Institute for Justice, to discuss his public-interest career and steps you can take to have a career at IJ. The Institute for Justice, the nation’s leading libertarian public-interest law firm, offers the best of both worlds: cutting-edge constitutional litigation on issues that actually matter to real people, combined with competitive pay. Sound interesting? Join the Federalist Society to learn what steps you can take now to put yourself on a path to litigating the kind of cases you read about in the newspaper and your casebooks.