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Student-Initiated Semester Study Abroad

In addition to the semester study abroad opportunities established by the Law School with specific overseas law schools, Michigan Law permits law students to apply for permission from the Law School to study abroad for one semester at overseas law schools to which they seek admission independently. The foreign law school proposed by the student must be one that offers an academic program toward the first degree in law within that country, although masters-level course work may be more appropriate for transfer credit. The foreign law school should be one that is generally viewed as offering one of the top law programs in its country or geographic region. It is the student’s responsibility to establish that the educational program of the overseas university is of high quality and that the particular coursework for which the student seeks approval is at a level of sophistication, rigor, and intensity equivalent to that at Michigan and appropriate for receipt of transfer credit toward the J.D . The student must also demonstrate how the proposed program is important to the student’s academic and professional development. If the foreign university is in an English-speaking country, the student has a higher burden of demonstrating the importance of the overseas educational experience to his or her academic and professional development than in a non-English speaking country. Further, the student proposing a student-initiated opportunity must demonstrate that the academic and professional goals sought through the student-initiated program cannot be met through the specific overseas semester study opportunities offered by Michigan Law.

Student-initiated semester study abroad is not generally permitted in countries in which Michigan Law has established semester study abroad opportunities at foreign universities. Nor is it generally permitted in programs of US law schools offered abroad for semester study or programs designed for American students or for those from countries other than where the foreign institution is located.

Students intending to seek approval for a student-initiated semester study abroad program are urged to initially make sure that the academic calendar of the foreign school (including orientation, classes, and exam period) does not conflict with the academic calendar at Michigan or with the student’s summer employment plans.

Interested students must comply with the General Guidelines for Semester Legal Studies Abroad [PDF] and Guidelines for Student-Initiated Semester Study Abroad [PDF].