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Externship Requirements

Externship Courses

Externs are required to take LAW 680, Constitutionalism in South Africa (2 credits), and LAW 939, South Africa Externship Seminar (1 credit). These courses occur during the first weeks of the winter semester and are required components of the South Africa externship program. They must be taken during the same semester in which the student is going to South Africa.

The third required course is LAW 938, South Africa Externship (10 credits), which covers the remaining weeks of the semester. Requirements for satisfactory completion of this course are outlined below.

Credits for LAW 938 are mandatory pass/fail. Students may elect to take LAW 939 and LAW 680 for a letter grade or as pass/fail.

Contemporaneous Journal

The student must keep a contemporaneous journal of activities during the externship. It should include:

  • A description of the student's daily work, including the nature of the projects worked on and the student's role in the projects and special assignments.
  • A specific description of the training and supervision the student is receiving in connection with each project.
  • Contemporaneous reflections on the manner in which the work relates to the educational goals for the externship.
  • The manner in which the externship has exposed the student to issues concerning professional responsibility and the role of attorneys.
  • How the externship has contributed to the student's development of knowledge in particular substantive areas and to the student's professional growth.

Final Report and Written Externship Assignments

At the end of the externship, the student must upload a final report on the externship experience. It must be accompanied by at least two pieces of any written work (e.g., reports, briefs, memos, etc.) the student produced during the externship.

Faculty Site Visit

A faculty member will conduct a site visit, either in person or remotely, at your placement. The faculty member, through conversations with the attorney supervisor(s) and the student, will determine:

  • The nature and level of work done by the office.
  • Assignments given to the student.
  • Adequacy of supervision.
  • The student's performance during the course of the externship.
  • Whether that particular externship is of value sufficient to warrant repeating in subsequent terms.

Supervising Attorney Evaluation

The student's supervising attorney at the host organization must submit a formal written evaluation of the student's performance to the Office of Experiential Education at the end of the externship semester. This evaluation should detail the work the student has done and the supervisor's evaluation of their work during the time period covered.

Click here to complete and submit the final evaluation.