UNHR is non-profit organization dedicated to improving access to the United Nations and enhancing the effectiveness of small and mid-sized states and NGOs working in the UN system.  UNHR offers training, research, and capacity-building to maximize the impact of these states’ interaction with UN agencies in Geneva, New York and beyond.

Students will work with UNHR in Geneva under the direction of its founder, Eric Richardson, a Michigan Law alum and former U.S. diplomat.  UNHR will pair students with a small island developing state that lacks resources to have a full-time delegation at the UN Human Rights Council (HRC).  Students will provide legal and policy advice to that government to facilitate that member state’s participation in the HRC.

Students will be expected to: prepare for the HRC, attend HRC sessions, meet with diplomats engaged in the HRC, review draft resolutions and produce interventions for the member state to use and deliver during the March 2020 HRC session.   More information on UNHR Geneva can be found at www.unhrgeneva.org.

Students will be required to take a Human Rights course offered by the Law School.  In addition, students are asked to participate in online training sessions designed to prepare students specifically for these externships.  They will be taught by Eric Richardson in the fall preceding the externship.