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Geneva Externship Information and Application Process

Spend a semester in Geneva working with leading intergovernmental and nongovernmental (NGO) institutions during the winter term. Students are immersed in the work of these international institutions and closely supervised by their legal staffs to explore how international legal regimes intersect with such diverse fields as trade, human rights, intellectual property, environment, telecommunications, and health. Externs participate in a contemporaneous seminar intended to provide them substantive context for their externships.



The Geneva Externship awards 14 credits total: 12 credits for the field placement work (pass/fail) and two credits (graded) for the related seminar. In some cases, a student may write an academic research paper for an additional one or two credits. If you are interested in this option, please speak with Professor Anna Nicol.

Student Eligibility

The externship program is open to second- or third-year law students who are in good academic standing at the Law School. Students wishing to participate in the Geneva Extership during their last semester must also include a Registrar Checklist with their uploads in the application.Registrar Checklist.pdf


Some placements have additional specific course prerequisites. The prior year's list is here. 

Winter 2021 Requirements for Externship.pdf

If you choose one of these organizations and we place you there, you must complete all prerequisites before going to Geneva. Many prerequisites can be taken care of the fall before you go. Please contact eith Professor Anna Nicol or Professor Amy Sankaran to discuss the Winter 2022 requirements.

Tuition and Living Expenses

Students who pursue an externship in Geneva are known as Geneva International Fellows, each of whom receives a $3,000 fellowship to assist with Geneva-related expenses. Externs pay their regular tution, and their regular aid package (loans and scholarships) applies. 


Students must submit a complete application by Monday, March 1, 2021. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that all parts of the externship application package have been received by the deadline, which includes a letter of recommendation from a faculty member, which should be emailed directly to The rest of your application will be completed online (see below).

Next, Professors Nicol and Sankaran will schedule a meeting within a couple of weeks to further explore your application, your interest in the Program, and your desired placements.

Finally, a Committee of faculty members and administrators will review all the applications and place students with various agencies. You will be notified shortly after the selection meeting whether you were selected as a Geneva Fellow and to what agency. Please note that the specific agency may have their own application and interview process; the agency is not required to accept our candidate.

A student may submit an application without being fully committed to the Geneva Program. During the meeting with Professors Nicol and Sankaran, we will give you a date by which you must notify us if you change your mind. However, once that date passes, a student must be fully committed to completing an externship in Geneva, as you are potentially taking a spot from another interested student.  

Geneva applications for Winter 2022 will be accepted from February 1, 2021 - March 1, 2021. Please fill out the application form and upload the required documents. The faculty letter of recommendation should be emailed by your recommender directly to If you already have a letter of recommendation you would like to use, please upload with your other documents required per the application form.


Geneva Placement Sites (general information) *Please note that all placement sites are not available every year. Further information can be obtained by consulting with Professors Anna Nicol (awnicol) or Amy Sankaran (aharwell) via email.

Student Guide: In Their Own Words (descriptions by prior externs)

Students interested in the Geneva Externship Program are welcome to consult with Professors Anna Nicol (awnicol) or Amy Sankaran (aharwell) via Symplicity or email.