The International Code of Conduct Association (ICOCA)

The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers’ Association (ICoCA), founded in September 2013, is a multi-stakeholder initiative created to promote, govern and oversee the implementation of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (“the Code” or “ICoC”). The Code applies to private security companies that operate in challenging environments and its objective is to promote increased respect for human rights and humanitarian law as well as to raise the standards of operational conduct throughout the industry. The ICoCA’s members include states, private security companies, and civil society organizations. Together, these three ‘pillars’ form the Association’s General Assembly. The ICoCA Secretariat, based in Geneva, Switzerland, carries out the Association’s principal implementation and oversight functions, including certification and monitoring of member company operations, under the supervision of its Board of Directors.  

The Association seeks interns to support its core functions which include certification, monitoring, complaints, guidance, and outreach. Through these core functions, ICoCA grows the Association and ensures its Member companies and Affiliates meet the principles and standards of the Code of Conduct as well as remedy any Code violations that may occur. Interns will support the Secretariat’s core functions conducting research, analysis, communications, administrative, and editing work. 

Nature of a Michigan Law Extern's Work

Responsibilities of fellows and interns include providing general support on an as-needed basis for the core functions of the Secretariat; conducting research and editing work to support the development of human rights and Code-related tools; support the Secretariat staff in analyzing and assessing Member Companies’ applications for ICoCA Certification; Assist the Secretariat’s monitoring function in the organization of Field-Based Reviews through research and administrative support; perform regular media monitoring to ensure Member company compliance with the Code; assist in updating the ICoCA’s database of companies and other stakeholders; assist with the organization of in-person and virtual events; support the development of communication and outreach materials, which could include the website, hard-copy and social media outputs; and participate in the day to day functioning of the ICOCA Secretariat, including in strategic internal meetings.