United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) promotes the development-friendly integration of developing countries into the world economy. UNCTAD has progressively evolved into an authoritative knowledge-based institution whose work aims to help shape current policy debates and thinking on development, with a particular focus on ensuring that domestic policies and international action are mutually supportive in bringing about sustainable development.

Division on International Trade and Commodities (DITC)

The Trade Negotiations and Commercial Diplomacy Branch is the focal point in UNCTAD on WTO and other trade negotiations issues. The principal objective of the section is to assist developing countries in their participation in trade negotiations, as well as those aimed at WTO accession and regional trade agreements.

Nature of the Extern's Work and Supervision

The intern will be involved in the following tasks:
  • Undertake research and prepare initial drafts of, and inputs to, reports, studies, newsletters, training modules, and handbooks being prepared by the Branch on selected salient legal issues in the international trading system of particular interest to developing countries.
  • Contribute to the organization of intergovernmental meetings, expert meetings, and technical cooperation activities, such as training seminars and workshops.
  • Assist in representing UNCTAD in, and reporting on, deliberations of various councils and committees of WTO in which UNCTAD has observer status, such as the General Council, Councils for Trade in Goods, Services, TRIPS, Trade Policy Review Body, and their subsidiary bodies.
  • Perform other tasks as required, such as preparing briefing notes and presentation materials.

Important Information for Students

UNCTAD-DITC will take one student. The extern should have good understanding and research experience in WTO disciplines and practices.

Division on Investment and Enterprise (DIAE)

UNCTAD's Division on Investment and Enterprise is implementing a programme on international investment agreements, seeking to assist developing countries to participate effectively in international investment rule-making and to manage, and learn from, investor-State dispute settlement. The programme embraces legal and policy analysis, human resources development and institution building, E-tools and data collection, and consensus-building.

Nature of the Extern's Work and Supervision

The extern will:

  • Conduct research key issues in international investment agreements and their development dimension for the Second Generation Series on Issues in International Investment Agreements.
  • Conduct research for regular international investment agreements publications.
  • Assist in collecting data on bilateral investment treaties and FTAs with investment provisions.
  • Assist in updating the online database on investor-State disputes.
  • Provide assistance on any other legal issue related to international investment agreements as requested by the section.

Important Information for Students

UNCTAD-DIAE will take one student.  The student must have:

  • Strong legal background, preferably specific knowledge of international economic/investment law.
  • Excellent English drafting skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • An understanding of or an interest in the development implications of international investment rule making.

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