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Law School Academic Calendar

The Law School Calendar differs in a number of ways from the University Calendar. Make up classes may be held at the professor's discretion to replace sessions missed due to holidays, examinations, or for other reasons.


* On Tuesday, following Fall Recess, classes will meet according to the Monday Fall Term schedule.

** On the first Wednesday of the Winter term, classes will meet according to the Monday Winter Term schedule.

† All grades are ordinarily posted to student transcripts within two weeks of the Grading Deadline.

Fall Term 2018

Orientation WeekAugust 27-31, Monday-Friday
Labor Day Holiday (no classes)
September 3, Monday
Classes Begin
September 4, Tuesday
Registration and Drop/Add EndsSeptember 12, Wednesday
Fall Recess BeginsOctober 13, Saturday
Classes Resume*October 16, Tuesday
Thanksgiving Recess Begins
(no classes)
November 21, Wednesday
Classes ResumeNovember 26, Monday
Last Day of ClassesDecember 7, Friday
Study DaysDecember 8-11, Saturday-Tuesday
Examinations Begin December 12, Wednesday
Examinations EndDecember 21, Friday
December Law School Senior DayDecember 21, Friday
Fall Term Grades Posted on TranscriptsJanuary 25, Friday


Winter Term 2019

Classes Begin**January 16, Wednesday
Martin Luther King Day Observance
(classes suspended for special programs)
January 21, Monday
Registration and Drop/Add EndsJanuary 24, Thursday
Winter Recess BeginsMarch 2, Saturday
Classes ResumeMarch 11, Monday
Last Day of ClassesApril 24, Wednesday
Study DaysApril 25-29, Thursday-Monday
Examinations Begin April 30, Tuesday
Examinations EndMay 9, Thursday
Law School Senior DayMay 10, Friday
Winter Term Grades Posted on TranscriptsJune 13, Thursday


SPRING/SUMMER Term 2019 - MACL Program Only

​OrientationMay 17, Friday
​Classes Begin (Session One)
May 20, Monday
​Registration and Drop/Add Ends
(for Session One classes)
May 23, Thursday
​Memorial Day Holiday (no classes)
​May 27, Monday
​Registration and Drop/Add Ends
(for full-term classes)
June 3, Monday
Last Day of Classes (Session One)
​June 12, Wednesday
Study Day (Session One)
​June 13, Thursday
Examinations (Session One)
​June 14, Friday
​Classes Begin (Session Two)
​June 17, Monday
Registration and Drop/Add Ends
(for Session Two classes)

​June 20, Thursday
Session One Grading Deadline
​June 28, Friday
Independence Day Holiday (no classes)
July 4,Thursday
Last Day of Classes (Session Two)
July 10, Wednesday
Study Day (Session Two)
July 11, Thursday
Examinations (Session Two)
​July 12, Friday
Classes Begin (Session Three)
July 15, Monday
​Registration and Drop/Add Ends
(for Session Three classes)

​July 18, Thursday
Session Two Grading Deadline
July 26, Friday
​Break (no classes)
July 29, Monday
Last Day of Classes (Session Three)
August 7, Wednesday
Study Day (Session Three)
​August 8, Thursday
​Examinations (Session Three)
August 9, Friday
​Session Three Grading Deadline 
​August 23, Friday

Fall Term 2019

​Orientation Week
​August 26-30, Monday-Friday
​Labor Day Holiday (no classes)
​September 2, Monday
​Classes Begin
​September 3, Tuesday
​Registration and Drop/Add Ends
​September 11, Wednesday
​Fall Recess Begins
​October 12, Saturday
​Classes Resume*
October 15, Tuesday
​Thanksgiving Recess Begins (no classes)
​November 27, Wednesday
​Classes Resume
​December 2, Monday
​Last Day of Classes
​December 6, Friday
​Study Days
​December 7-10, Saturday-Tuesday
​Examinations Begin
​December 11, Wednesday
​Examinations End
​December 20, Friday
​December Law School Senior Day
​December 20, Friday
​Fall Term Grades Posted on Transcripts
​January 24, Friday

Winter Term 2020

​Classes Begin**
​January 15, Wednesday
​Martin Luther King Day Observance
(classes suspended for special programs)
​January 20, Monday
Registration and Drop/Add Ends
​January 23, Thursday
​Winter Recess Begins
​February 29, Saturday
​Classes Resume
​March 9, Monday
Last Day of Classes
​April 22, Wednesday
​Study Days
​April 23-27, Thursday-Monday
​Examinations Begin
​April 28, Tuesday
​Examinations End
​May 7, Thursday
​Law School Senior Day
​May 8, Friday
​Winter Term Grades Posted on Transcripts
​June 11, Thursday