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Stolen Books and Notes

The theft and resale of textbooks has become an organized criminal activity on campus. To help thwart thieves, we suggest the following:

  • Never leave your locker unlocked and always check the lock when leaving your locker to make sure it is secure. Never leave your books unattended in the Law School buildings.
  • Be aware of strangers or suspicious activity in the locker room and report them to the Office of Student Life ( or 734.764.0516). If it is after normal business hours, call the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 734.763.1131.  Try to remember details such as hair and eye colors, approximate age, height and build, as well as clothing and jewelry, that might help identify the person.
  • If your books are stolen, be sure to file a police report. Some bookstores will not return books to you, even if found, if a police report has not been filed.
  • Let the Office of Student Life know about the theft by sending an email to or in person (301 Hutchins Hall).
  • Write your name and telephone number in the inside margins on a page you will remember in each of your books. This will enable you to prove the book is yours if it turns up at one of the on-campus bookstores.
  • When you discover that your books are missing, email a description of the books to the manager of the Michigan Union Bookstore. They keep a database of all stolen book titles and whenever someone comes in to sell a book on his list, they are able to search the descriptions to see if it matches. You should give the book's title, author and any descriptive information you can, e.g. “heavily highlighted in green up to Chapter 11, with my name and phone number on page 371.” The email address of the bookstore is Put "Attention: Textbook Manager" in the subject line.