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M Law Live: the Law School's Student Web Portal

M Law Live is a "web portal" designed for students to get all the information they need about important Law School announcements, events, deadlines in an interactive, colorful and "real time" format. You can find M Law Live among the "Quick Links" on the main Law School web page ( or by going directly to

We urge you to visit the site regularly to stay on top of all the happenings you want and need to know about at Michigan Law. The administration uses M Law Live as the primary vehicle through which to provide students with information. You should not expect to receive e-mail reminders about deadlines and information related to registration, exams, financial aid, career services, etc. Instead, you will be able to find the information quickly and easily yourselves on M Law Live.

Each incoming student is registered to receive automatic e-mail alerts about administrative announcements once a day from M Law Live. If you'd like to receive these alerts more or less regularly, you can adjust your alert settings by going to M Law Live and clicking on the "E-mail alert" link that appears just below the "Administrative Announcements" section.