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Law School Events

There are several ways to stay up to date on events taking place at the Law school. 

Mlaw live
MLaw Live is a web portal designed to assist students get all the information they need about specific events, academic and extracurricular information and deadlines in an interactive, colorful and “real time” format.  You can access MLaw Live from the “Quick Links” on the main Law School web page or by going directly to  

By default, each student is subscribed to the MLaw Live e-mail alert recipient list for Administrative Announcements. Early each morning after there is at least one new announcement posted, you will receive one e-mail message containing all newly posted announcements in M Law Live.  If you wish to change the  settings of the frequency and format in which you receive these messages, click on the E-mail alert link at the bottom of the Administrative Announcements section of MLaw Live.  Of course, if you wish, you can unsubscribe, so that you will not receive any e-mail  alerts.

The Law School Calendar of Events
The calendar is u
pdated daily and contains information about various activities that will take place in the near future and deadlines of importance to the entire student body.

You can receive e-mail alerts about  upcoming events posted in the Law School Calendar by clicking on the "E-mail Alerts" link at the bottom of that section on the MLaw Live page to set your preference.

The Academic Calendar
The Academic Calendar provides information on important dates in the academic year. This is the calendar to check to find out when exams start, the dates of fall and winter semester breaks, and when "Senior Day" takes place.