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Bulletin Boards and Posting Information Posting Policy

Bulletin Boards

Many bulletin boards throughout the Law School have been designated for use by officially recognized Law School student organizations, as well as administrative offices. Officially recognized Law School student organizations may place posters and advertisements on any Student Organization and Administrative/Student Announcements bulletin board within the Law School. Student organizations are asked to refrain from placing posters on any board designated solely for Administrative Announcements. All postings must list the name of the sponsoring organization and contact information (such as a contact person's email address). Posters which do not include identifying information will be removed.

No posting may exceed 11 inches by 17 inches in size. Posters are limited to one per bulletin board. Posters should be affixed to bulletin boards with thumbtacks or push pins. Staples, nails, or other metal fasteners are not allowed. Posters placed on walls, doors, windows, or any other non-approved location will be removed.

Posters should be placed so they do not block or otherwise interfere with adjacent posters. Posters should not run for more than two weeks.

Posters that are commercial in nature, or those posted by organizations outside the Law School, are permitted on the boards designated General Announcements. These boards are located to the left of the elevator in Hutchins Hall, across from room 100 Hutchins Hall, in the basement of Legal Research near the stairwell to the Reading Room, in the Lower Commons, and in the hall leading from the basement of Legal Research to the law library.

Individual boards assigned to student organizations by the Law School Student Senate are not covered by this policy.

Additional information about the postering policy is available here.