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Services for Students with Disabilities

The University of Michigan complies with federal and state laws regarding persons with disabilities.  It is the policy, practice, and desire of the Law School to provide equitable educational opportunities for students with documented disabilities in all programs and activities, including extern-ships. The Office of Student Life serves as the contact for students within the Law School.

Services for Students with Disabilities provides assistance with academic, economic, social, and recreational activities to students who have documented disabilities.  Specific services available through Services for Students with Disabilities include counseling, assistance with classroom accommodations, volunteer readers and note takers, sign language and oral interpreters, accessible transportation, orientation and registration assistance, special scholarships, tape recorders and talking calculators, and aids for reading and studying, such as braille and large print materials, adaptive computer technology, and telecommunication devices for deaf students. Staff in Services for Students with Disabilities also serve as intermediaries and advocates for students with disabilities.

Students with disabilities who may require academic accommodations are also encouraged to contact the Office of Student Life, which will assist in arranging schedules, contacting professors, and facilitating accommodations, if appropriate. Requests for exam accommodations must be made at least six weeks prior to the scheduled examination date.

Circumstances that have been accom
modated in the past include, but are not limited to: vision impairment, mobility restriction, and learning disabilities. Specific accommodations for individuals must be authorized by the Office of Student Life after consultation and the recommendation of Services for Students with Disabilities. Students should contact the Office of Student Life as early as possible to have ample opportunity for input and to reflect upon approved accommodations before beginning their legal studies.

Parking and Transportation Services

The University campus is accessible to all people.  Programs are available specifically for individuals with disabilities.

Riding the Bus
All campus shuttles and buses and the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA) buses are lift-equipped. Please let the bus driver know if you need assistance boarding.

Paratransit Service
The University's Paratransit service offers door-to-door transportation free of charge to faculty, staff, and students with either temporary or permanent physical disabilities. The service operates Monday through Friday, year round, except for official University holidays and season days.

To arrange for service, call the office of Services for Students with Disabilities (734-763-3000). They will ask questions about the nature and duration of the disability and your access to other transportation. If you qualify for the service, the office will send ParaTransit an e-mail message authorizing you for their service. Then you can call ParaTransit directly (734-764-3427) to arrange rides on either a regularly-scheduled or an as-needed basis. ParaTransit provides door-to-door service for students, faculty, and staff, traveling between home and UM locations.

Disability Parking
Parking for people with disabilities is provided in all University lots and structures. To use handicap-designated parking during enforcement hours, your vehicle must display:

Eligibility requirements for purchasing U-M parking permits are waived for disabled faculty, staff and temporaries who have a state-issued placard. Handicap parking is provided in University lots and structures in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students with disabilities may have access to faculty and staff handicap parking areas. To authorize use of the handicap spaces, display of a state of Michigan handicap disabled parking placard, UM Verification decal and applicable UM parking permit is required during enforcement hours.

All disabled UM students will be required to obtain a State of Michigan disabled parking placard before access to University faculty and staff parking areas will be provided. For students whose primary residence is out of state, it will be necessary to consult a Michigan-based physician in order to complete the State of Michigan Disabled Parking Placard application. The completed application may be mailed or hand-carried to any Michigan Secretary of State office for issuance of the disabled parking placard.

To obtain the University permit and Handicap Verification decal, students must be registered for classes and present their Student Identification card, driver's license and State of Michigan disabled parking placard to the Parking Services' office. Once ownership of the state permit is verified, a free static-cling style verification decal and a University permit will be issued for the duration of the handicap or the period of time that the student is on campus, whichever is more applicable. There is no charge to the student for the permits. When parked in a University parking area, all three permits must be on display: state disabled parking placard, UM verification decal and permit.

When used in conjunction, the permits are valid in all color-coded locations except Gold (controlled parking) and Red (visitor parking.) Please note all University structures are gate-controlled; therefore, the student's MCard will be programmed to provide access. If parking meters or cashier-attended areas are used, and the state handicap parking permit does not specify free parking, the meter or cashier fees must be paid.

Handicap Parking Assistance Program
Handicap-designated parking provided in University lots and structures may not meet all needs. The Handicap Parking Assistance Program was created to assist those with exceptional needs.

To apply for special consideration, you must complete a Petition for Handicap Parking Assistance form. (Please note: a portion of the form must also be completed by your physician.) Completed forms should be returned to Parking & Transportation Services, which will coordinate review of the petition by the Handicap Parking Assistance team. The team comprises faculty and staff representatives from the University community, including disabled representatives, who will approve special arrangements or identify alternatives.

Other Resources
There are additional resources available for students on University of Michigan's campus, and elsewhere in Washtenaw County. Please visit the University of Michigan Ann Arbor Disability Listings website as well as the Ann Arbor Disability Resource website, which contain a wealth of extensive information on campus resources.