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International Programs and Study Abroad Opportunities

University of Michigan law students may apply to spend a semester taking law courses at a foreign law school approved by the University of Michigan Law School’s Graduate Program and Foreign Affiliations Committee. This opportunity is offered with the awareness that increasingly most legal endeavors transcend national boundaries and that an international and comparative perspective is an important part of professional preparation for the 21st century. The goal of the semester legal studies abroad is to permit students to engage in legal studies in another country at an outstanding educational institution where the Michigan student will be pursuing a foreign curriculum in classes with predominately non-U.S. students. Michigan students will receive up to twelve credits for their semester study abroad. They are required to do a three credit hour research paper in connection with the semester under the supervision of a University of Michigan Law School faculty member. Interested students should obtain informational materials from the Center for International and Comparative Law and should contact Assistant Dean Theresa Kaiser-Jarvis with questions.