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Honors and Awards

Recent Award Winners

Congratulations to the students who received academic awards during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Henry M. Bates Memorial Scholarship
Widely held to be the Law School's highest honor, the Bates Scholarship is given to outstanding seniors, with account taken for scholarship in legal studies, personality, character, extracurricular interests, and promise of a distinguished career.

Emily A. Minton Mattson
Jonathan I. Tietz
Ashley L. Yuill

Jane L. Mixer Memorial Award
An award presented for outstanding contributions to activities designed to advance the cause of social justice.

Allison Horwitz
Kara A. Naseef
Rebecca A. Wyss

Irving Stenn Jr. Award
An award presented to those students who have demonstrated leadership, and contributed through extracurricular activities to the well-being and strength of the Law School or the University.

Kristin L. Froehle
Joshua M. Goldman
Carolina I. Velarde

niel H. Grady Prize
An annual award presented to the student who has graduated with the highest standing in their Law School class after completing the full course of study.

John D. Ramer

Class of 1908 Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to the student who attained the highest scholastic average at the beginning of their senior year.

Jonathan I. Tietz

a Belfield & Henry Bates Overseas Fellowship

Fellowships presented to students who have completed two or more years of law school to pursue academic or professional projects abroad.

Nadia K. Alhadi
Layan K. Charara
Kaley A. Hanenkrat
Erin E. Liechty
Kate Powers
Zachary J. Simon
Luke R.Wilson

APALSA 1L Public Interest Fellowship

A fellowship presented to students who have evidenced an intent to contribute to the Asian Pacific Islander American community and the public interest.

Diane Kee
Courtney J. Liss

. Anthony Benton Memorial Award
An award presented for scholastic excellence in the field of international law.

Layan K. Charara

William W. Bishop Jr. Award

A prize presented to the student who has performed with distinction in the field of international law and in related Law School activities.

Erin E. Liechty

Lee Bollinger Prize

A prize presented to the student who has achieved excellence in the study of the First Amendment.

Arianna M. Demas

The Henry M. Campbell Moot Court Competition

The oldest and most prestigious of the various Law School competitions, involving significant hours of preparation throughout the academic year.

Brenna K. Twohy (First place)
Margaret "Maggie" M. Turner (Second place)

Alden J. "Butch" Carpenter Memorial Scholarship Award

Presented to students evidencing intent to assist economically depressed communities.

Joseph M. Kemp (Winner)
Ashanti Walker (Runner-up)
Colleen S. Roberts (Runner-up)

Comunidad F
The Comunidad Fellowship is given to a student who has demonstrated a sincere commitment to pro bono work and a career in public interest as well as dedication to the Latinx community.

Melissa Almonte

Emmett E. Eagan Award

An award presented for excellence in the field of corporate law.

Adam W. Strayer

Robert S. Feldman Labor Law Award
Awarded for outstanding work in the field of labor law.

Rana Ayazi 

Fiske Award

A fellowship awarded to exceptional graduates serving as government employees at the federal, state, or local level, and who have demonstrated a commitment to public service values.

Ashlyn E. Angell, '19
Sarah Grunberger, '19
Sarah Precup, '17
Christopher VanDeusen, '17

Ralph M. Freeman Scholarship
A scholarship presented to a second or third year student who has demonstrated true excellence in the fields of criminal law and procedure.

Sara M. Stappert

Carl Gussin Memorial Prize

A prize awarded for excellence in the area of trial work.

Ingrid M. Eicher
Rachel L. Schlobohm

Rockwell T. Gust Advocacy Award

An award presented for demonstrated potential as an outstanding trial lawyer and advocate.

Selena C. Alonzo
James D. Coatsworth

International Academy of Trial Lawyers Award

Presented for demonstrated ability in courtroom advocacy.

Nadia K. Alhadi

Richard Katcher Senior Tax Prize
Presented for outstanding work in courses and seminars in taxation and related areas.

Adam W. Strayer

The Jon Henry Kouba Prize

This prize recognizes the best student papers on (1) European Union and (2) International Peace and Security.

Tihana Balagovic (European Union Winner)
"Regulatory Role of the Competition Law in Creating the Internal Energy Market"

Brian Jacobsmeyer (European Union Runner-up)  
"Forum Shopping in Patent Cases: Lessons for the Unified Patent Court"

Max Lubin (International Peace and Security Winner)
"Solving the Puzzle of Perfidy: How an Understanding of the Elements and the Purpose of the Perfidy Prohibition Helps Explain Article 37's Application to Civilian Objects” 

Marcos Kotlik (International Peace and Security Runner-up)
"The Women, Peace, and Security Agenda and Second-Generation Human Security: Mainstreaming Access to Safe Abortion"

Jeffrey S. Lehman Legal Practice Award
An award presented by the faculty to the student deemed the best legal practice student from the previous year.

Adam Wallstein

Award for Exceptional Service

An award presented to a student for outstanding all-around contributions to each Journal.

Michigan Law Review: Jonathan I. Tietz
University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform: Stephanie A. Benjamini and Nicholas R. Hazen
Michigan Journal of International Law: Kaley A. Hanenkrat
Michigan Journal of Gender & Law: Erin M. Randall
Michigan Technology Law Review: André P. Rouillard
Michigan Journal of Race & Law: Gabriela "Gabi" M. Hybel
Michigan Journal of Environmental and Administrative Law: Joan M. Campau
Michigan Business & Entrepreneurial Law Review: Marques T. Winick

Award for Outstanding Scholarly Contribution

An award presented to the author who wrote the best note published by each Journal.

Michigan Law Review: Lisa Limb
"Shots Fired: Digging the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act out of the Trenches of Arbitration"

University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform: Meredith D. McPhail
"Ensuring That Punishment Does, in Fact, Fit the Crime"

Michigan Journal of International Law: John "Jack" Karl Heise
"Space, the Final Frontier of Enterprise: Incentivizing Asteroid Mining Under a Revised International Framework"

Michigan Journal of Gender & Law: Elizabeth Anne Heise
"Contracting Around Gender Constructs: Transgender Men at Women's Colleges"

Michigan Technology Law Review: Jonathan I. Tietz
"The Unified Patent Court and Patent Trolls in Europe"

Michigan Journal of Race & Law: Morgan A. Birck
"Do You See What I See? Problems With Juror Bias in Viewing Body-Camera Video Evidence"

Michigan Journal of Environmental and Administrative Law: Adam Gerken
"Examining the Administrative Unworkability of Final Agency Action Doctrine as Applied to The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act"

Michigan Business & Entrepreneurial Law Review: Dustin Womack
"Sole Beneficial: How Benefit Corporations May Change the Duty of Care Analysis for Traditional Corporate Directors in Delaware"

Dores McCree Award

For extraordinary devotion to the well-being of students and commitment to a widely inclusive and unified vision of the Law School community.

Cleo L. Hernandez

Michigan Supreme Court Historical Society Law Student Prize

For outstanding work in courses related to legal history.

Hillary F. John

Saul L. Nadler Memorial Award
An award presented for outstanding work in courses related to commercial and corporate law.

Adam C. Gregory
Justin D. Lauria-Banta
Brandon M. Warrington
Leslie R. Kan

National A
ssociation of Women Lawyers Award
Awarded for academic achievement, community service, and the potential for future contributions to the advancement of women.

Kelly E. Ehrenreich

Jack C. Radcliffe Jr. Award 
An award presented to a second or third year student who has served as a senior judge in the legal writing program, with account taken for excellence in mentoring first year law students.

Kara A. Naseef

Rakow Scholarship

Established by the Federal Bar Foundation, this is awarded to the student who demonstrates outstanding achievement in corporations or business law.

Adam C. Gregory 

Jenny Runkles Memorial Award

An annual award presented to second year students who have exhibited a selfless commitment to improving the Law School community, and society as a whole, through devotion to public interest and diversity.

Casey A. Farrington
Donya A. Khadem

Craig Spangenberg Oral Advocacy Award

An award to recognize one or more students who have demonstrated exceptional ability in courtroom oral advocacy.

Claire M. Nagel
Sinéad Redmond

1L Oral Advocacy Competition
An internal competition that serves as an introduction to Moot Court.

Brendan M. Flynn

Outlaws Public Service Fellowship

Awarded to a student who demonstrates a commitment to the LGBTQ+ community at Michigan Law and to LGBTQ+ legal issues as shown through academics, stated career interests, volunteer work, and extracurricular involvement.

Anna R. Belkin

Juan Luis Tienda Memorial Scholarship Award

Awarded to students who have demonstrated a commitment to working for the advancement of Latinos in the United States.

Melissa Almonte
Daniel A. Echevarria
Miguel Suarez Medina

Women Law Students Association Leadership Award
An award that honors a Michigan Law student whose extracurricular leadership has substantially contributed to the advancement of women at the Law School. 

Anna R. Belkin
Hope E. Brinn

Women Lawyers' Association of Michigan Foundation Awards
Awarded to women law students who have demonstrated leadership capabilities and served the community in such areas as family law, child advocacy or domestic violence, or displayed potential for advancing the position of women in society.

Erin R. Emory (Kimberly M. Cahill Scholar)
Hillary F. John (Dickinson Wright Women's Network Scholar)
Brianna Potter (Florence King Scholar in Patent Law)

Women Law
yers Association of Michigan Julia D. Darlow Award
Awarded to a student who has demonstrated a commitment to advancing the interests of women members of the legal profession and to promoting equity and social justice for all people.

Danielle A. Maldonado

Myint Zan LLM Prize

Awarded to an exemplary student with interdisciplinary interests, a commitment to social justice, and an understanding of the role law can play in easing the plight of disadvantaged members of society.  

Alfred Momodu

Excellence in Pro Bono Service Award
Awards presented to students and groups who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to pro bono work. 

Outstanding 1L Student: Veronica Portillo Heap
Outstanding 2L Student: Samantha Kulhanek and Sarah Smith
Outstanding 3L Student: Allison Horwitz
Outstanding Pro Bono Project: Legal Alternative Winter (LAW) Breaks

Certificate of Merit Winners

Certificates of Merit are awarded to the students who were recognized for outstanding performance in Law School courses during the Fall 2019 and Winter 2019 semesters.

Fall 2019
Administrative Law: Sophia W. Montgomery
Advanced Constitutional Interpretation: Andrew Lanham
Art Law: Solana Rita Gillis
Bankruptcy: Kyle Evan Darch
Bloodfeuds: Malcolm Clayton
Civil Procedure (Niehoff): Landen T. Haney
Civil Procedure (Friedman): Michael Washbush
Civil Procedure (Bagley): Philip Stallworth
Comparative Human Rights Law: Amanda Grace Swenson
Contracts (Crane): Matthew Piggins
Contracts (Frier): Brody Bushnell
Contracts (Daugirdas): Ruby Emberling
Contracts (Cornell): Kathryn C. Scully
Corporate Criminality: Christopher Pryby
Corporate Taxation: Thomas Matthew Zaino
Criminal Justice: Investigation & Police Practice: Jeremy Shur
Criminal Law (Thomas): Guus Duindam
Criminal Law (McQuade): Jeff Wang
Criminal Law (Prescott): Nathan Phillip Bennett
Criminal Law (Uhlmann): Philip Stallworth
Enterprise Organization (Fox): Joseph Maher
Enterprise Organization (Howson): Molly McGreavy
Entertainment Law: Alan Baldridge
Evidence: Nolan Gruemmer
Federal Courts: Jackson M. Erpenbach
Federal Indian Law: Courtney Liss
Health Law: Rylee Snively
Immigration and Nationality: Rebecca A. Wasserman
Insurance Law and Policy: Timothy Leake
International Finance: Alexis Haddock
International Law: Anna Ver Beek
International Litigation: Brian Barmettler
International Refugee Law: Scott Hiers
International Tax: Lawrence Little
International Trade Law: Jacob Altik
International Investment Law: Scott Hiers
Intro to Income Tax of Business: Sophie Skinner
Jurisdiction and Choice of Law: Alessandro Storchi
Law of the Internet: Luc von Danwitz
Legislation and Regulation: Walter Allison
Local Government: Julie Moroney
Mass Incarceration: Brenna Twohy
Natural Resources Law: Brian Schaap
Philosophy of Law: Selected Topics: Adam Abdel-Mageed
Public Control of Land Use: Luke Barbour
Race and the Law: Solomon Worlds
Sales and Secured Financing: Matthew Reiser
Taxation of Individual Income: Michael Buiteweg
Torts (Logue): Erin Woodruff
Torts (Herzog): Emily Olsen
Torts (Clark): Charlotte Boghossian
Torts (Schlanger): Daniel Toubman
Trademarks and Unfair Competition: Stacia Lee
Trusts and Estates I: Charlotte Bastin (non-degree exchange student) and Thomas Matthew Zaino
Water Wars/Great Lakes: Kathleen Teleky

Winter 2019
Accounting for Lawyers: Blair Hotz
Blockchain and the Law: Allison Lasher
Business Law in China: Han Zhu
Civil Procedure: Caroline Perry
Commercial Law: Secured Transactions & Mortgages: Adam Strayer
Complex Litigation: Alexandra Genord
Contracts: Shana Nissan
Copyright: Jonathan Tietz
Corporate Finance: David Imhoff
Corporate Lawyer: Law & Ethics: Matthew Bugaj
Crim Pro: Bail to Post Conviction Review: Thomas Matthew Zaino
Criminal Law: Alexandros (Alexi) Ehrlich, Brian Remlinger
Empirical Methods: Christopher Erickson
Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation: Joseph Benedetto
Employment Law: Ian Marshall Sander
Environmental Crimes: Katherine Markey
Evidence: Jackson Erpenbach
Family Law: Emily Tifft
FDA Law: Jonathan Tietz
Federal Courts: Gabriela Hybel
Financial Regulation: Stephen Federowicz
Formation of the Common Law: André Rouillard
Health Law: Eric Ashby
International Law: Kami Groom
International Commercial Arbitration: Lindsay Wardlaw
International Corporate Governance: Sarah Smith
International Environment Law and Policy: Sara Prendergast
Intro to Constitutional Law: James Alexander Rowell, Maydha Vinson, Brian Remlinger
Jurisdiction and Choice of Law: Brian Barmettler
Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility: Lindsay Wardlaw
Legislation and Regulation: Nicole Frazer
Making of Civil Law: Hayato Watanabe
Mass Media Law: Arianna Demas
Mergers and Acquisitions: Bryan Pistorius
Partnership Tax: Thomas Matthew Zaino
Prisons and the Law: Whitley Mann
Promoting Social Justice Through Intergroup Dialogue: Katie Chan
Race and the Law: Brianna Cotton
Remedies: Yana Nebuchina
Securities Regulation: Kaleb Martin
Sex Equality: Jillian Gray
Taxation of Individual Income: Christopher Pryby
Torts: Mollie Krent, Audrey Springer-Wilson, Stevan Bennett
Trademarks and Unfair Competition: Matthew Ramirez
Trusts and Estates I: Eric Wendorf