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Law School Alcohol Policy

Violations of this policy by students or student organizations may lead to denial of funding from the Administration for events, a suspension of privileges under this policy, or other action deemed necessary and appropriate. Violations may also result in action being taken by the Law School pursuant to the Law School Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures, as well as Law School personnel guidelines and procedures.

Licensed providers
The Law School will not approve any event unless alcohol will be dispensed by a caterer or vendor possessing a current Class C Liquor License or Banquet Permit. Further, alcohol must be served by bartenders trained in the techniques of alcohol management. At no time may a student organization be the sole provider of alcohol at an event falling within this policy, nor may students bring their own alcohol to any event to which this policy applies.

external regulations
The possession, use, and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages at any Law School or student organization event must also be in compliance with other applicable policies and laws, including University policies and practices, local ordinances, State laws, and State of Michigan Liquor Control Commission regulations.

Nothing in this policy is meant to circumvent, override, or serve as a substitute for applicable state laws, local ordinances, or policies generated by the central University administration.

The AOC and the Assistant Dean for Student Life will make interpretations of the Law School policy. Students, faculty, and staff may direct questions or concerns about this policy to the Assistant Dean for Student Life or Diane Nafranowicz, Director of the Lawyers Club. 

Proposed amendments to these policies will be offered by the AOC to the Dean of the Law School.