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Law School Alcohol Policy

application of policy
These policies and procedures apply to any law student or student organization sponsored or co-sponsored event at which alcohol is served and for which any of the following criteria are met:

  1. The event occurs on law school or University premises.
  2. Alcohol is being sold, whether via a cash bar or advance ticket sales which include the provision of alcohol.
  3. Student organization or other University monies, from any source and raised through any means, are being used to defray or subsidize the cost of the event. Note that the term "subsidize" as used here includes any "deals" cut between a student organization sponsor and licensed vendor to provide special discounts to event attendees.

Examples of events falling under this policy include student organization sponsored "bar nights," the LSSS Faculty Wine & Cheese, and the Butch Carpenter, Juan Luis Tienda, and Jenny Runkles memorial banquets.

With respect to those events not covered by this policy, all students, faculty, and staff are encouraged and expected to observe basic principles of safety, health, and responsible behavior regarding the use and possible misuse of alcoholic beverages. It is also expected that the service of alcohol at such events will comply with applicable local ordinances, state laws, and State of Michigan Liquor Control Commission regulations.

Student organization events not covered by this policy generally are still subject to the limitations on advertising.


Faculty initiated and sponsored events where alcohol is being served shall be governed by the Dean's office.

Development Office events involving the service of alcohol are not governed by this policy.