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​Covid-19 Resources

counseling services

Some of you may be uncertain whether a consultation with Dr. Sheth or with another CAPS counselor is an appropriate next step.  Many of our students have not sought mental health care services in the past and/or may be uncomfortable seeking those services now.  We implore you, if you are feeling overwhelmed (as so many of us are) and believe you might be in need of help, please reach out to Dr. Sheth or to CAPS (see below). Both are well-equipped to help students assess their needs and to direct them to services and resources that will be a good fit for them, depending on their particular circumstances and comfort levels. Others may worry that the University's mental health care resources are overloaded as a result of this crisis, and may be reluctant to tax that system further.  Please don't be.  These resources are here for you, and both Dr, Sheth and CAPS will do all that they can to meet the needs of students who are in need of support.

  1. The Law School’s CAPS counselor, Dr. Reena Sheth, continues to offer ongoing and initial consultation appointments by phone or via BlueJeans.  You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Sheth by emailing her at
  2. The University of Michigan Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is open to provide support. CAPS is located on the 4th floor of the Union. 
    • To reach CAPS, please call (734)764-8312 to schedule an appointment through this service and the urgent/crisis services described below. 
    • If you have an urgent need or are experiencing a crisis, CAPS central office offers walk-in (if you are symptom free) and phone crisis services during business hours.  You can access these services by calling CAPS at (734)764-8312. 
    • CAPS after-hours service is also available during this time. To reach the after-hours service, please call (734)764-8312, then press ‘0’. 
    • You can find more details on these services here.
  3. Ginger offers on-demand, confidential emotional support and mental healthcare via in-app text-based chats with a behavioral health coach, information, and resources related to self-guided wellness activities, and up to two virtual counseling sessions with licensed therapists. Ginger is a private service and it is not affiliated with the University or the Law School. Michigan Law students have unlimited access to coaching support through the Ginger app and up to two video-based therapy and psychiatry sessions per year. To access Ginger, download the Ginger Emotional Support App on Google Play or in the Apple App Store, tap "Get Started," and enter your umich email address. Then follow the instructions sent to your inbox from Ginger. If you have questions, email or visit

student wellness

In addition to the above, we urge you focus on maintaining your health and well-being during this trying time. Below are two excellent resources for guidance and ideas on wellness. 

  1. A thoughtfully curated collection of information on managing stress and anxiety, promoting wellness, exercising without a gym, and more. These resources were compiled by our very own Virginia Neisler from the Law Library. There is a wealth of excellent information here. 

  2. CAPS has an excellent compilation of wellness tools and information.  We encourage you try out the ones that speak to you.

It is important to note that no two people in our community will experience and adjust to these events in the same way.  Each of us comes to this space with our own identities, backgrounds, experiences, and social and economic resources among many other things.  This means that some of the resources you can find through these links will be a poor fit for some students, and some might even be discordant with your current experiences and needs.  Our goal is to make sure that all of our students have the support they need, and to do that, we need you to reach out to us when you have unmet needs.  Help us to understand what they are.  Brainstorm with us about how we can meet them.  And all the while, please continue to do what so many of you have been doing.  Reach out to each other.  Check in with yourself.  And take good care. 

more information

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  2. University-wide COVID-19 information and updates