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Course Advising

2018 Course mapping series

Panelists: Barbara McQuade and Maureen Carroll

2017 Course Mapping Series


Panelists: Frank Vandervort, Sherman Clark, and Hon. Raymond Kethledge

Public Interest and Government

Panelists: Evan Caminker, Alan Kahn, and Kimberly Thomas

Overarching Fields: Intellectual Property, International, and Environmental Law

Panelists: Jessica Litman, Theresa Kaiser-Jarvis, Daniel Halberstam, and David Uhlmann

Business and Corporate

Panelists: Adam Pritchard, John Pottow, and Nicole Appleberry

previous course advising panels

Fall 2016

Choosing Your First-Year Elective (1L Fall Starter Faculty Panel)

Choosing Electives for Your First Upper-Class Term and Beyond (1L Summer Starter Faculty Panel)

Alumni Panel for 2Ls: Choosing Upper-Class Electives for the Second Half of Law School

dual degree programs

Fall 2017

Dual Degree Information Panel (with current students, Assistant Dean for Student Life Bayrex Martí, and representatives from the Office of Career Planning and the Office of Student Records)

other resources

How to Pick Upper-Class Electives at MLaw (by former Assistant Dean for Student Life David Baum)