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Winter Term 2017

CBI Clinic Bidding Start                               October 25, 2016 (8:00 AM), Tuesday

CBI Clinic Bidding End                                 October 28 (5:00 PM), Friday

CBI Clinic Results Available                          November 11 (5:00 PM), Friday

CBI Seminar, Practice/Simulation &              November 14 (8:00 AM), Monday
     Upper-Class Course Bidding Start                              

CBI Seminar, Practice/Simulation &              November 16 (5:00 PM), Wednesday
     Upper-Class Course Bidding End

CBI Seminar, Practice/Simulation &              December 1 (5:00 PM), Thursday
     Upper-Class Course Results Available

Wolverine Access Drop/Add Start                  December 19 (8:00 AM), Monday

Waitlist Class Permissions* Start                   January 11, 2017 (8:00 AM), Wednesday

CBI Mini-Seminar Bidding Start                     January 11 (8:00 AM), Wednesday

CBI Mini-Seminar Bidding End                       January 16 (5:00 PM), Monday

CBI Mini-Seminar Results Available                January 18 (5:00 PM), Wednesday

Last Day to Waitlist                                      January 18, Wednesday

Wolverine Access Drop/Add End                    January 19, Thursday

Wolverine Access "Late" Drop/Add Start         January 20, Friday

Wolverine Access "Late" Drop/Add End           April 19, Wednesday

W17 Independent Study Enroll Requests Due  April 19, Wednesday

        * Class permissions with enrollment deadlines entered by Office of Student Records.
           Selected students will receive an automated "Class Permission" e-mail and have a
           limited time-frame (sometimes less than 24 hours) in which to enroll in Wolverine
           Access from a waitlist or forfeit their enrollment opportunity.

Spring/Summer Term 2017

        Continuing Law students who plan to take courses over the summer should
        contact to request an enrollment appointment.