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Registration Information


Course Schedule

  • Winter 2017
  • Spring/Summer 2017 [available by April 3]
  • Fall 2017 & Winter 2018 [available by March 14]
  • Previous

Registration Instructions

Quick Information 

Winter Term 2017

                       January 19, Thursday

Wolverine Access "Late" Drop/Add Start           January 20, Friday

Wolverine Access "Late" Drop/Add End             April 19, Wednesday

W17 Research Enrollment Requests Due           April 19, Wednesday

Spring/Summer Term 2017

        Continuing Law students who plan to take courses over the summer should
        contact to request an enrollment appointment.

Fall Term 2017

Class Bidding (Clinic) Start                              March 14 (8:00 AM), Tuesday

Class Bidding (Clinic) End                                March 17 (5:00 PM), Friday

Class Bidding (Clinic) Results Available             March 31 (5:00 PM), Friday

Class Bidding (Seminar, Practice/Simulation     April 3 (8:00 AM), Monday
     & Upper Class Course) Start                              

Class Bidding (Seminar, Practice/Simulation     April 5 (5:00 PM), Wednesday
     & Upper Class Course) End

Class Bidding (Seminar, Practice/Simulation     April 18 (5:00 PM), Tuesday
     & Upper Class Course) Results Available

Wolverine Access Drop/Add Start                    May 22 (8:00 AM), Monday

Waitlist Class Permissions* Start                     September 5 (8:00 AM), Tuesday

Class Bidding (Mini-Seminar) Start                  September 5 (8:00 AM), Tuesday

Class Bidding (Mini-Seminar) End                    September 8 (5:00 PM), Friday

Class Bidding (Mini-Seminar) Results               September 12 (6:00 PM), Tuesday
     Available & Class Permissions* Entered

Last Day to Waitlist                                        September 12, Tuesday

Wolverine Access Drop/Add End                      September 13, Wednesday

Wolverine Access "Late" Drop/Add Start           September 14, Thursday

Wolverine Access "Late" Drop/Add End            December 8, Friday

F17 Research Enrollment Requests Due           December 8, Friday

        * Class permissions with enrollment deadlines entered by Office of Student Records.
           Selected students will receive an automated "Class Permission" e-mail and have a
           limited time-frame (sometimes less than 24 hours) in which to enroll in Wolverine
           Access or forfeit their enrollment opportunity.