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Law School Class Bidding Interface (“CBI”) – Instructions


LawCBI is the new Law School class bidding system  that students use to request classes.  You will now use this online interface to request clinics, as well as seminars, practice/simulations and upper class courses.  To use LawCBI go to this link…

…and follow the instructions below.

Select the Active Cycle

The bidding process is divided into three cycles, one for clinics, one for seminars and practice/simulations, and one for upper class courses.  The link to access the bidding process for each cycle will become active at the appropriate time (when that bidding period is “open”).  Click on an appropriate link to go to the Request Queue page.

Request Queue

The Request Queue page has a list of all available classes you can request listed down the left side.  On the right side is your current request queue, and above it your current schedule of granted classes.

Click the “Add” button next to the class information to add it to your queue.  When a class is already in your queue the “Add” button will change to “In Q” and be deactivated.  Add any class in which you have an interest to your queue, and then prioritize them using the up/down arrow buttons.  Put the class you most want at the top.  If you accidentally add a class to your queue that you do not want, use the red “X” button to remove it (which will reactivate the “Add” button for that class in the main list).

You can get more detail about a class by clicking the “+” button next to the “footnotes, class description, and other details”.  This will expand the class detail “in-line”, meaning the rest of the classes under the target will move down, and the detail will fill in the blank space.  Clicking on a professor’s name will open a new window with that person's faculty bio.

In every cycle except "Clinics" you will also be able to choose to use a priority to increase your chance to get into the class.  This is done by clicking the checkbox in the "P" column next to the class in your queue.  As classes are already listed in order of priority, you can only click to use this extra priority if everything above it also has the priority box checked.  The interface will update automatically to reflect this.  More detail about how priorities work can be found in the comments underneath your queue on the Request Queue page of LawCBI.

Note that your selections are being saved as you modify the page, so there is no need to click a separate, distinct “save” button if you add something to your queue or rearrange the order.  However, just adding selections to your queue does not complete your bidding process.  There are buttons underneath your queue you must use to finish.  What you see will depend on which classes you have selected and which cycle LawCBI is in.  Details follow.


You may be asked to complete any of the following steps for clinics...

Clinic Application

Most clinics require you to complete an application form explaining why you wish to participate in the clinic.  Just fill in the form and use the buttons at the bottom to proceed to the next step (you can use either the “next” or the “back” button, both will save your answers before moving forward/backward in the process).

International Transaction Clinic Application

The International Transaction Clinic (906) requires a different application form than the other clinics.  As with the generic clinic application, just fill in the form and then use the buttons at the bottom to continue.


Some clinics require you to submit a resume for consideration.  You will need to submit a Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) or an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file.  Click “Browse…” to select your resume file from your local computer, and then click “Upload” to send it to us.  Once you have finished, use the buttons at the bottom to continue the process.

Seminar, Practice/Simulation

For seminars and practice simulations that are not Prof Picks, no further steps are required after setting up your queue for the Seminar, Practice/Simulation cycle.

For seminars and practice simulations that are Prof Picks (designated by footnote 9), you may be asked to take an additional step after setting up your queue.  Please see the special sign-up procedure listed in the term specific on-line Registration Instructions.  The Registration Instructions are located on the Office of the Registrar web site: click "Registration" in the left hand column, then click "Registration Instructions" in the middle column.  A link to the Registration Instructions is also available on the left side of the CBI Request Queue screen.

Upper Class

No further steps are required after setting up your queue for the Upper Class cycle.


Once you have completed all steps of your bidding process, you will arrive at the “Results” page using a “Finalize” button.  The results page lists a summary of your bidding process.  You will see the following sections:

Bidding Cycles
Shows you the overall bidding process status.  Which parts are done, which are active and which are pending.

Missing Documents
This section will show you any supplemental documents you have failed to provide. Note that these are required to complete your bidding process!  If you missed any of the steps above, they will be listed here with an appropriate link you can use to complete each step.  This section is highlighted in red so you can’t miss it.

Granted Requests
Once the Registrar’s Office processes all CBI requests for a particular cycle, you will see in this space all requests that the CBI system has granted for that cycle and any previous cycles in that registration period.  These will be the requests that the system attempts to load into Wolverine Access for you after all of the cycles of the CBI process are complete.

Current Request Queue
Your current requests, listed in order of priority.

Process Requests
All requests that have completed processing, including their end status (granted, waitlisted or denied).  If the status is “denied” or "dropped", then a reason will be listed.  If the status is “waitlisted”, and the class keeps an ordered waitlist (some don’t) then your waitlist position will be listed.


If you have any problems or questions using CBI, please e-mail