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Class Bidding


Class Bidding allows students to request clinics, seminars, practice/simulations, and upper class courses. This is a pre-enrollment process that gives students the best opportunity to get the classes that they wish to take.

Bidding for clinics takes place first, followed by bidding for seminars, practice/simulations, and upper class courses. Students enter their class bids over the course of a few days and after short processing periods, their results are available. The Office of Student Records then uploads class assignments to Wolverine Access (i.e., enrollment) and the Wolverine Access Drop/Add period begins for students who wish to alter their schedules.

Class Bidding re-opens on the first day of classes to accept mini-seminar bids. Mini-seminar offerings and special registration instructions are announced at that time.

Fall 2017 registration

                                      Start                        End (Deadline)         Results Available

Clinic                             March 14, 8:00am     March 17, 5:00pm      March 31, 5:00pm 

Sem, Prac/Sim, Upper     April 3, 8:00am         April 5, 5:00pm         April 18, 5:00pm

Mini-Seminar                  Sept 5, 8:00am         Sept 8, 5:00pm         Sept 12, 6:00pm

Wolv Access Drop/Add     May 22, 8:00am       Sept 13, 11:59pm

(All times referenced are Eastern Standard Time (EST).)

Registration instructions

Coming soon . . .


See clinic guarantee and FAQ here.

Can I participate in Class Bidding if I have a financial hold on my student account?

Yes. Students with a financial hold can participate in Class Bidding. However, the Office of Student Records is unable to enroll students in their assigned classes when a financial hold is present. Students should resolve any financial holds by the last day of classes for the current term or risk forfeiting their seats reserved through Class Bidding for the upcoming term.

If I submit my class bids at 8:00am, will I have an advantage?

No. During an open Class Bidding period, we are only collecting bids. The bids are processed after the Class Bidding deadline.

If you have any questions about Class Bidding, please email