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Class Bidding

Class Bidding allows students to request clinics, seminars, practice simulations, Problem Solving Initiative (PSI) and upper class courses. This is a pre-enrollment process that gives students the best opportunity to get the classes that they wish to take most.

Bidding for clinics takes place first, followed by bidding for seminars, practice simulations, PSI and upper class courses. Students enter their class bids over the course of a few days and, after short processing periods, their results are available. The Office of Student Records then uploads class assignments to Wolverine Access (i.e., enrollment), and the Wolverine Access Drop/Add period begins for students who wish to alter their schedules.

Class Bidding re-opens on the first day of classes to accept mini-seminar bids. Mini-seminar offerings and special registration instructions are announced at that time.

Fall 2021 Registration

Start End (Deadline) Results Available
Clinic  Mar 16 (Tue) 8 a.m. Mar 19 (Fri) 5 p.m.
Apr 2 (Fri) 5 p.m.
Seminar, Practice Simulation, PSI & Upper Class Course  Apr 5 (Mon) 8 a.m. Apr 7 (Wed) 5 p.m.
Apr 20 (Tue) 5 p.m.
Mini-Seminar Aug 30 (Mon) 8 a.m. Sep 1 (Wed) 5 p.m. Sep 3 (Fri) 6 p.m.
Wolverine Access Drop/Add  May 17 (Mon) 8 a.m. Sep 7 (Tue) 11:59 p.m.  

All times referenced are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Using Class Bidding

  1. Click the "Start" button below.
  2. Review Registration Notes and number of priorities remaining. Click "Next" to proceed to Class Selection.
  3. Available classes appear on the left side of the screen. Links to faculty bios, class schedule footnotes, degree requirements, and "prof pick" requirements appear below each class, as applicable.
  4. Filter classes by degree requirement fulfillment, as needed.
  5. Click the appropriate "Add" button to move a class to the selection queue on the right side of the screen.
    1. "Add to Priority Bids" (priority class bid; not applicable to clinics)
    2. "Add to Class Bids" (non-priority class bid)
  6. Click the up and down arrow buttons to place selections in order of preference (classes at the top denote a higher preference).
  7. Click "Continue" to proceed to Review.
  8. Review selected classes. Click "Submit" to place bids and proceed to Confirmation.
  9. Submitted bids can be modified and re-submitted until the bidding deadline passes, if necessary.
  10. Review bid confirmation email message.
  11. Submit required materials here for any clinic or "prof pick" class selections.




Clinic Bidding

  • The University of Michigan Law School is proud to guarantee all of our students the opportunity to take an upper-level clinic over the course of their time here. Not everyone will get their first choice clinic, and students might not be admitted to a clinic for the first (or even second) semester in which they apply. But there is more than enough capacity in the clinics to guarantee that, if a student applies three of their four eligible semesters and is flexible as between their first and second choice clinic, the student will be admitted.
  • Students who choose to bid on clinics are required to bid on a minimum of TWO and are welcome (indeed, they are encouraged) to bid on more.
  • Priorities cannot be used in clinic bidding.
  • A student who drops a first or second choice upper-level clinic may reduce their chances of acceptance into a clinic in future semesters.


Clinic Bidding Results

Seminar, Practice Simulation, PSI & Upper Class Course Bidding

  • Students receive two Class Bidding priorities to spend during their entire Law School career.
  • Historical and current Class Bidding demand data is available in MLaw Schedule which can be helpful when deciding to use a priority.
  • Selecting a Priority Class Bid does not guarantee assignment.
  • Students are assigned no more than *one* seminar AND *one* practice simulation during the bidding process. Later, during the Wolverine Access Drop/Add period, students may add more seminars and practice simulations to their schedules, if seats are available.
  • Students are assigned no more than *one* Problem Solving Initiative (PSI) course. Only one PSI course can be taken per term.
  • Some seminars and practice simulations are "prof pick," which means that the professor has some say in who is enrolled in the class. Bidding on a "prof pick" class (designated by footnote 9 on the class schedule) may require the submission of supplemental materials (e.g., resume, statement of interest) by a specific deadline.
  • Limited-seat classes (generally, seminars, practice simulations, and PSI courses) should be placed higher in the selection queue to increase chances of assignment.
  • Bid on more classes than needed for the best chance to achieve full-time status through Class Bidding.
  • Class Bidding will assign students to no more than 15 credits.
  • Class Bidding will not assign classes with overlapping or conflicting times. (It is OK to place conflicting classes in the queue as alternates.)
  • Some classes have waitlists. If a student is waitlisted, this will be noted when Class Bidding results are available.

Class Assignment

  • After bids are collected, Class Bidding assigns students to seminars, practice simulations, Problem Solving Initiative (PSI) and upper class courses based on (1) the use of a priority, (2) proximity to graduation, and (3) class selection queue order.
  • For seminars and practice simulations, once the class capacity is reached, up to 15 students are placed on the waitlist in numerical order. Classes listed under the "Upper Class Course" category on the class schedule do NOT have waitlists.
  • Selecting a Priority Class Bid places a student in the first group considered for assignment. Students in the Priority Group are assigned to the class randomly (not according to proximity to graduation).
  • Non-priority class bids are processed according to proximity to graduation and class selection queue order. Class Bidding assigns students randomly within each academic level in groupings according to class selection queue order (i.e., within each academic level, a student whose request is higher in their queue will have a better chance of class assignment).
  • PSI administrators select students for PSI courses.
  • Clinic administration determines clinic assignments. Priorities cannot be used in clinic bidding.
  • Students are notified by an MLaw Live announcement when Class Bidding results are available.


Does taking a first-year clinic count as the "one clinic" that you are guaranteed before you graduate (if you apply each eligible term)?
No. Taking a first-year clinic does not affect how the guarantee applies to you, and it does not affect your application in the clinic bidding process.

What is an "eligible term"?
To qualify for the guarantee, a student must apply for a clinic three of the four semesters of their second and third years, until receiving admission into a clinic.

What if I don't apply each eligible term, but I want to take a clinic?
Apply the next registration period. While the guarantee only applies to students applying each eligible term, the Law School will strive to give every student a clinic who applies for one. As a general rule, apply early and often.

Will I get my top-choice clinic?
The Law School's clinic guarantee does not guarantee that you will get into your top-choice clinic; however, we will seek to accommodate a student's clinic preferences.

Do I need to submit supplemental materials at the time I bid on a clinic?
Yes, after you submit your clinic bids, you will be prompted to submit supplemental materials.

What is a "prof pick" class?

The professor of a "prof pick" class has some say in who is enrolled. During Class Bidding, submission of supplemental materials (e.g., resume, statement of interest) by a specific deadline is typically required in order for a student to be considered for a "prof pick" class. During the Wolverine Access Drop/Add period, admission to a "prof pick" class is by permission of the professor or PSI administrator and NOT according to waitlist order.

Can I participate in Class Bidding if I have a financial hold on my student account?
Yes. Students with a financial hold can participate in Class Bidding. However, the Office of Student Records is unable to enroll students in their assigned classes when a financial hold is present. Students should resolve any financial holds by the last day of classes for the current term or risk forfeiting their seats reserved through Class Bidding for the upcoming term.

If I submit my class bids at 8:00 AM, will I have an advantage?
No. During an open Class Bidding period, we are only collecting bids. The bids are processed after the Class Bidding deadline.

Who do I contact if I have questions about Class Bidding?

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