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     The Law School recognizes that a student may have a special interest in a particular seminar, practice/simulation or upper-class course which is either traditionally popular or offered on an infrequent basis. Therefore, Priority Class Bids are available to increase the chance of securing a seat in these types of classes.

  • Students receive two priorities to spend during their entire Law School career.
  • Selecting a Priority Class Bid does NOT guarantee assignment — it places a student in the first group considered. Students in the Priority Group are assigned to the class randomly (not according to proximity to graduation).
  • Priorities are "spent" only when needed to assign students to the class (i.e., class capacity is reached and some students within the same academic level as a student who utilized a priority were not accommodated).
  • Selecting a Priority Class Bid for a "prof pick" class can help in two ways: (1) it may give the student a better chance of being picked by the professor, and (2) it places the student in the first group of students that Class Bidding considers (from the pool of candidates picked by the professor) for assignment to the class.
  • A priority spent for class assignment will not be returned under any circumstances.
  • A priority not spent for class assignment is returned.
  • A priority is not spent for waitlist assignment.
  • Priorities are used only in Class Bidding — they are not used in Wolverine Access during the Drop/Add period.

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