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Course Descriptions

As of 4/21/2021 1:26:19 AM

Real Estate Transactions

In this "practicum" course, we will explore the various types of real estate transactions students may encounter in their professional careers. Through weekly reading, written assignments and active class participation, students will learn to identify the salient aspects of each transaction type (such as purchase and sale transactions, leases, construction contracting, and public/private development partnerships) and how each "side" should press for issue resolution. Students will review and analyze various documents collateral to a transaction, such as due diligence reports, title work, environmental assessments, loan and closing documents. We will also discuss structuring the appropriate acquisition/disposition entity, as well as financing and tax issues facing each party. In lieu of a final examination, each student will participate in a graded exercise in which the student will have an opportunity to apply the principles covered in the course.