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Course Descriptions

As of 8/3/2020 5:02:49 AM

Advanced Transnational Law

Advanced Transnational Law: Major Regimes of International Governance

This course, designed for students who hope to specialize in international law or otherwise seek a deeper understanding of the international legal process, will explore a range of regimes that states have established to govern key global issues. These will include regulation of common areas of the planet (law of the sea, international environmental law), business regulation (trade and foreign investment), and the regulation of the use of force, including terrorism. We will also revisit some topics explored in Transnational Law and consider them in greater depth. The approach will be to examine each topic in the context of an ongoing problem or dispute in the international arena. The goal is to gain insights into the norms and institutions of global governance and their relevance for both world politics -- how they affect the behavior of governments and other actors -- and the practicing lawyer.