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Course Descriptions

As of 8/19/2017 5:40:37 AM

Financial Regulation

This course explores financial regulation in the aftermath of the most systemic financial crisis in the last 70 years, which was followed by a major shift in regulatory design. We analyze and compare the market and regulatory architecture of the entire U.S. financial sector as it exists today, from banks, insurance companies, and broker-dealers, to asset managers, complex financial conglomerates, and government-sponsored enterprises. We explore a range of financial activities, from consumer finance and investment to payment systems, securitization, short-term wholesale funding, money markets, and derivatives. We examine a range of regulatory techniques, including supervision, enforcement, and rule-writing, as well as crisis-fighting tools such as resolution and the lender of last resort. We also note the cross-border implications of U.S. rules, and compare, where appropriate, the U.S. financial regulatory framework and policy choices to those in other places around the globe, especially the European Union.