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Fall 2017 Class Descriptions

As of 4/21/2021 1:26:19 AM

ID'ing Human Traff Victims

Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking within Health Care Settings

This course is one of four interdisciplinary problem solving courses offered at the Law School in fall 2017. Graduate and professional students in dentistry, education, law, medicine, nursing, psychology, public health, public policy, and social work are eligible to take this course.

It is estimated that up to one third of all victims of human trafficking come into contact with a health care provider during their trafficking and are unrecognized. Health care settings offer a unique opportunity to identify victims of human trafficking and connect them with services and support. In a collaborative, multidisciplinary setting, students will develop innovations to increase the identification of victims of human trafficking in health care settings.

Meets Wednesdays, 3:15-4:15 PM and 4:30-6:30 PM, in 1070 LSSH.

3.00 hours