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Bookmark the Submit EBB In-Class Exams Web site
(a wireless connection is necessary)

In order to guarantee a good network saving of your final exams, at the conclusion of each exam, after you finish and close the EBB program, you will upload and submit your exam from your flash drive to the network via a Web page (please do this even if you get a green screen).

Make sure you upload the file that begins with "E" plus your exam's ID number ( e.g. E12345--Apr-25 11-52-22.enc). There will be several files on your flash drive with a prefix of TS - xxx; those are extra backups we now make to your flash drive but they are NOT your final exam. Please do not upload any files that start with TS.

Bookmark the Submit EBB In-Class Exams Web page now so that you will have easy access to it at exam time:
  1. Go to: and log in.

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  3. Mac (Safari)

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