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A/V Frequently Asked Questions

The Law School provides A/V services, equipment and personnel to set up and break down equipment for officially sponsored Michigan Law School events.

Please review the Room Descriptions document for detailed information about our facilities.

How do I reserve A/V equipment? What is the process?
To request A/V services, please complete the Event Reservations online form (login required).  Notice:  Requests are no longer confirmed via e-mail upon receipt.   To confirm that your request was received or to check its status, login to the My Events page.

Notice:  You should not request a room reservation when adding A/V services for a class session occurring at the regularly scheduled place & time.  Instead, supply the room number in the Location box of the online form when submitting the request for A/V services.  You will, however, need to make a room reservation for makeup classes or any other event.  You can do this by clicking the Request Law School room checkbox and completing that section of the form.

Notice:  If you have also submitted a new room reservation with your request for A/V services, those services will not be scheduled until your room reservation has been approved.  It is therefore very important to check the availability of the desired room before submitting your combined room & A/V services request.  You can do this by clicking Law School room schedule in the Law School room section of the request form.

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How do I know if my request was received?
You should login to the My Events page to verify that your request was received.  When your request is scheduled by an A/V staff member, you will receive an automated reply notifying you that the request has been updated with a status of "scheduled". 

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How long in advance should I reserve A/V equipment?
Since A/V duties require staff to be off premises on irregular occasions, it is well to give them as much advance notice as possible when requesting services or reserving equipment. Requests must be made at least two working days in advance of the event.  For more elaborate requests, please enter your request as soon as possible.

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What do I need for a PowerPoint presentation?
Complete the Event Reservations online form (login required).  In the equipment/services list, select PowerPoint (laptop, projector, remote).  A/V staff will plan to supply all three of these items unless you inform otherwise via the comment box of the online form. 

We recommend using our laptops to ensure compatibility with other system components.  E-mailing the file to as an attachment well ahead of your event is highly recommended.  You may also bring the file on a USB flash drive or compact disk.

You will need to add internet connectivity from the list of equipment/services if your presentation contains links to a web site.

If your PowerPoint slides utilize sound, be sure to request laptop audio output to speakers/PA from the list.

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Do I need to let you know if my event has been cancelled, or if my room reservation has changed?
YES! Because we get so many requests, it is important to let us know if you will not be using A/V equipment, or if your room reservation has changed.  While the Law Events system will notify us if you delete a request, we highly recommend that you contact us directly when cancelling an event on the same day it was scheduled to occur.

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What are the Videoconference Interview Procedures for Law Students?
Actively enrolled law students may request the use of the Law School's ISDN & IP capable videoconferencing interview facilities. To request videoconference interview equipment:

1. Please send an email to with the following information:

  • Recruiter/HR contact information
  • Videoconference technician contact information
  • Student contact information
  • Proposed date and time of videoconference

2. Once the date and time is finalized with the firm, court, or organization, please enter an Event Reservation.  Be sure to complete all of the information requested on the form while taking note of the following:

  • There is no need to reserve a room for your videoconference as AV staff will schedule a room and inform you of the location.
  • If we have already scheduled and notified you of the location, enter this information in the "Location" box; otherwise enter "TBD".
  • Mark the box to "Request Audio Visual equipment/assistance".
  • Select "video conference" from the available AV equipment/services list.
  • Include your full email address in the "On behalf of" box.
  • Make sure the box for requesting publishing of the event on the calendar is not checked before submitting your request.

Questions about the procedures to request a videoconference should be directed to

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