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Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is an added security layer for protected resources.  Most online protected resources at the university require you to login with your uniqname and Umich password.  While there are policies in place to enforce the strength and complexity of Umich passwords, we are still relying on users to keep their passwords secure, and change them often in case they end up in the wrong hands.  If your Umich password is stolen, someone can impersonate you by logging into anything to which you have access (including changing your paycheck information in Wolverine Access).  Adding a second authentication check or factor significantly lowers the risk of a thief being able to impersonate you.

How to enroll

Authentication options

(or what you can use as your secondary 'factor'):

Turn on two-factor for weblogin

To protect all weblogin-protected resources you must also set up two-factor for weblogin as described here:

Traveling With Duo

When traveling, most people can use the Duo Mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. Even if you don't have a cellular or WiFi connection, the app can generate a passcode. More information:

Duo Two-Factor FAQ

If you have questions about Duo two-factor authentication, or need help setting it up, please submit a Law School Information Technology Work Request.